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Supplying You With UV-Resistant
Shade Cloths and Canopies

Shade Cloth and Shade Canopy

Shade Cloth is used for overhead shade on patios, sun-block top for dog kennels, baseball and tennis windscreen, debris or snow fences, truck tarps, greenhouse covers and for crop protection from the sun, hail, birds and insects. Full line of hardware available for easy installation.


Wind shield for tennis courts


Overhead shade for patios


Our Woven Shade Cloth is available in Black and in shade factors from 30 to 95%. The woven shade cloth is made from high density UV resistant polypropylene that is water and air permeable, mildew and abrasion resistant and is unaffected by most sprays and chemicals. High tensile strength allows the shade cloth to stand up to a variety of temperature extremes.


Our Knit Shade Cloth is available in White, Green, Black, Sandalwood and Brown and in shade factors from 26 to 79%. The yarns in the Knit Shade Cloth are made of UV resistant, high density polyethylene and the knitted design ensures against ripping,
tearing and fraying.

  1. Shade Cloth has many different applications. Overhead shade on patios, truck covers, wind shield for tennis courts, crop protection and as a snow or sand fence.
  2. Black UV Inhibited Knitted Fabric - made from high density polyethylene. Extremely durable and rain resistant. Will not rot or absorb moisture.
  3. Range of Densities. Provides various degrees of sun-screening and wind resistance necessary for different applications.
  4. Our Shade Cloth has reinforced bindings on all sides with solid brass grommets every 2´ around the perimeter.