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Rental Equipment for Every Kind of Special Occasion


Rental region from Albany, NY Area and points North

AA Tents vast inventory of tents range in sizes suited for a backyard cookout of 20 to a sit-down dinner for a thousand. Our large selection allows you to choose the style of tent that best suits your event: Traditional white tents for weddings and anniversaries, festive event tents for birthday and graduation parties, and multi-colored tents for arts and crafts shows.

AA Tents will install your tent anywhere - in your backyard, over your pool, in a parking lot, even on city streets. When planning your event, we offer to visit the proposed site to measure and inspect for unnatural obstacles  (sprinkler systems, power lines, etc.).

Sidewalls are available in poly or vinyl material. Choose from traditional solid white wall, elegant French Window wall, clear wall (maximum visibility), or white mesh wall (insect protection). Provides Sun, Wind and Rain protection. Available in 20´, 30´ and 40´ lengths and 7´ and 8´ heights.

AA Tents also offers tables, chairs, dance floors, heaters, music and lighting equipment, generators, cold plates, and other outdoor party supplies for rental or purchase.

All Rental Tents are Secured with Stakes Driven into the Ground (Water barrels available).


Maywood Table Distributor

All Tables for Rent or Purchase


  • 3 Foot Cake Tables
  • 5 Foot Round Tables
  • 6 Foot Banquet Tables
  • 8 Foot Banquet Tables


  • White Fiberglass Folding Chairs

Dance Floors:

  • 2 Black & White Marble Floors up to 20'X20'
  • 2 Outdoor Walnut Finish Floors up to 20'X20'


  • 4' x 8' Staging Sections with a 2' Heighth (4 Sections)
  • 6' x 8' Staging Sections with a 3' Heighth (10 Sections) For Sale


  • 6" White Globes (30' string)
  • Portofino 4 Globe Floor Lamp
  • White Christmas Lights (50' string)
  • Multi-Colored Christmas Lights (50' string)


  • Table Top or Freestanding

Outdoor Party Supplies:

  • 4' Gas Grill
  • 4' Charcoal Grill
  • 5' Barbeque Pit
  • Rolling Cold Cart
  • Beer Tap & Cold Plate
  • Chafing Dish Sets (Sterno)
  • Chafing Dish Heat Lamp