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Colorful Party Tents Ideal for Any Occasion

Party Tents


Standard Top

Perfect for backyard barbecues, trade shows and crafters. Sidewalls, screen rooms and rails skirts available. Custom Sizes and Colors are available.


Sizes for Standard Top

10x10 White Silver, Green 1 8
10x20 White Silver, Green 2 16
12x20 White Silver, Green 2 16
20x20 White Silver, Green 4 32
20x30 White Silver, Green 6 48
20x40 White Silver, Green 8 64
20x50 White Silver, Green 10 80
20x60 White Silver, Green 12 96
20x70 White Silver, Green 14 112
20x80 White Silver, Green 16 128

Valance Style Canopy

Ideal for concession stands, carnival booths, and craft shows. Multi-colored tents available for high visibility. A rail skirt and flag banner can be added to the Valance Style Canopy (as shown). Custom sizes and colors are available. See the Size Chart Below


Sizes for Valance Style Canopy

10x10 White Silver 1 8
10x20 White Silver 2 16
12x20 White Silver 2 16
20x20 White Silver 4 32
20x30 White Silver 6 48
20x40 White Silver 8 64

Super Slope

Great as a carport or for boat storage. Protect your investment from Sun, Wind, Rain, Tree Sap, and Birds. Sidewalls and rail skirts available.Standard Top colors are Silver and White. See the Size Chart Below


Sizes for Super Slope

8x10 White Silver 1 8
10x20 White Silver 2 16
12x20 White Silver 2 16
20x20 White Silver 4 32
20x30 White Silver 6 48

These are the classic, timeless party tents. These tents bring a festive look to your birthday or graduation party. Available in a variety of styles and colors with a full line of accessories. There's a party tent for every occasion and budget. All party tents and accessories for sale or rent.

All party tent units include a Galvanized Steel Frame with 6' 6" leg height, reinforced tent top, steel fittings and ball bungies. Sidewalls and stakes are additional. FC fittings are needed for units being shipped with pipe (10’ pipe cannot be mailed). FCs connect two 5' pipes together to make the 10' pipe you need. We use standard pipe sizes (1" or 1 3/8”) so you may elect to purchase the unit without the pipe. You can purchase the pipe locally saving yourself on the shipping charges and on the FC fittings.