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Looking to add fun to the party, LOOK NO MORE!


Gladiator Jousting

Size: 23' L X 23' W X 5' H

Two Participants will walk into the Gladiator Jousting Arena and only one will walk out the champion. In this interactive each participant will stand on their own pedestal with an air joust. They will battle each other to see who will stay on the pedestal the longest without falling off. This inflatable interactive is perfect for friendly competition for any event and is ready to provide hours of fun and laughs.

Bungee Basketball

Size: 40' L X 27' W X 10' H

4 Person Bungee Basketball sports challenge. With this interactive, you have the choice to play as teams of two against your competition or have a 4 person free for all as you try to get the slam dunk before your opponent. Bungees can be set at two different heights so it's perfect for all players big and small. Opponents will put on a vest that is connected by bungee cords. They will run down opposite lanes in opposite directions as fast as they can. The goal of this game is to make a slam dunk before your opponent pulls you away from your basket. The first one to make 3 baskets is the winner. This game is perfect for any event and all ages.


Radical Rush

Dunk Tanks

Required Space: 10' L X 15' W X 10' H

The classic dunk tank is perfect for family reunions, fundraisers, school events and more. Getting dunked into the cold water is so much fun. Finding a participant willing to do it is a little tricky. Our dunk tanks have large windows so you can see the participant splash into the water. This window allows you to take pictures will underwater participant is underwater. The tank requires a water hose and when filled is about 500 gallons of water.